Top 10 TV shows of the season

June 2, 2011

Sorry that I have been absent for a while; things are pretty crazy right now as I try to write my thesis and graduate this summer.  Hopefully I can start blogging regularly after July when I am done with the whole grad school thing.  But, for now I wanted to offer up a very quick glimpse at my top 10 TV shows of the past season beginning in summer 2010 and ending in May 2011.  So here you go with my top 10 TV shows of the 2010-2011 season and a brief 2 sentence reasoning about each after the jump.

Honorable mention: Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Lights Out, The Walking Dead, 30 Rock, The League, Burn Notice, Chuck, The Good Guys


10 Treme (season 2)

The way that HBO airs TV shows is a little weird, but I will count season 2 of Treme as a part of this TV season despite the fact that there are still 5 episodes left to go.  This show about the lives of a bunch of different people living in New Orleans,14 months after Hurricane Katrina is both affecting and naturalistic and has a style and pacing that work perfectly to me.


9. The Chicago Code (Season 1)

The Chicago Code is one of three shows on this list that has been cancelled after one season due to poor ratings, but this tale of cops and corruption in Chicago was able to tell a well rounded narrative in just 13 episodes.  The performance of Delroy Lindo as the villain of the show was great because he never was an evil character, just a public official who loved his city and would do anything, including delve into corruption, to help out his city.


8. Archer (Season 2)

I didn’t love Archer in season 1, but I think that season 2 found a way to highlight all of the parts that I liked about season 1 (the witty and often referential dialogue as well as the weirdness of the world) while downplaying or eliminating the parts that I didn’t like (the constant shift in personality of the supporting characters and the unfunny detours into the sexual lives of the characters).  In a show as funny as Archer, my favorite episode of the season was one where Archer found out that he might have cancer because it allowed for both some great humor and a look inside at how the character of Archer approaches the world.


7. Boardwalk Empire (Season 1)

Martin Scorsese directed the pilot of this 20’s era gangster show and while it was a monumental task for any of the future directors to equal his power and bravado, the show did a great job of taking the characters on a journey so that they were in different places at the end of the season then they were at the beginning.  The show did a great job of using the gangster setting for a purpose instead of as a crutch and the show included many, many great performances.


6. Bob’s Burgers (Season 1)

As hilarious as H. Jon Benjamin’s voice was as the lead character in Archer, he was able to equal that hilarity as the voice of the lead character in Bob’s Burgers.  The humor was zany and on a level that cracked me up, but the reason I prefer Bob’s Burgers to Archer is because of the way that the family dynamics play out in Bob’s Burgers and the way that these characters care for and help each other in all circumstances.


5. Rubicon (Season 1)

The second of three of the one and done shows on this list did not quite stick the landing, but life is about the journey and the journey of Rubicon was fascinating.  These characters were very flawed and broken, which made their stories all the more interesting and human as the beautiful cinematography of the dimly lit, ominous buildings closed in on them.


4. Community (Season 2)

Season 2 of Community was completely off the wall because the writers tried so many different styles of episodes and as a result made some hilarious and brilliant episodes that were some of the best that I watched on TV this past season.  The reason that I think Community was the fourth best show and not the third best of this past season is because the “normal” episodes of this season were not as good as the “normal” episodes which comprised most of season 1.


3. Parks and Recreation (Season 3)

Season 3 of Parks and Recreation didn’t premiere until January of 2011, but it delivered a string of 16 almost flawless episodes that did an incredible job of balancing an ensemble without ever feeling like anyone was short-changed on any week.  The characters are so unique and the show always found a way to draw some sweetness out of the eccentricities of the characters.


2. Justified (Season 2)

I loved the first season of Justified and the second season did a great job of expanding on the world established in the first season and making it even better.  The journey of Raylan Givens was more dynamic this season than last and the show did a great job of allowing every aspect of the plot to come back to Givens and his journey while still being the most badass thing on TV and the thing that I looked forward to the most every week.


1. Terriers (Season 1)

I have been talking about this show since it debut back in September, I wrote that it was my second favorite TV show of 2010, and now it takes the top spot for the 2010-2011 TV season as well as having the distinction of being the last one and done show on the list.  This show about two unlicensed private detectives was a continual gut punch because of how much I really cared about Britt and Hank and the way that the plot of the show drew out the essence of these characters; it was all phenomenal.


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