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A Little bit of Preaching

October 27, 2012

Check out the sermons from 10-26, 8-23, 8-16, and 7-19, for a little taste of what I have been up to over the summer and into the fall of this year:

I have had the joy of being able to preach several sermons at Abide Assemble, the young adult gathering at Bethel Church.  While unemployed for 9 months and living in the Tri-Cities, I was able be involved with the Abide community and it was essential for me to be a part of the group and hear the Gospel preached every time we met in order to keep me from going crazy during that period of my life.  The pastor of the group, Jonathan Shradar, asked me if I would be able to preach a few times over the summer and I was more than happy to give back to this group that meant so much to me during a trying time in my life.  Now that I am gainfully employed and still living in the Tri, I am starting to see why the Lord had me here for 9 months as I have been able to continue my relationships and have a place to use my gifts.  As usual, He has a plan more beautiful and perfect than I could have desired and I am thankful.


My Summer and a Few Things I Watched

August 30, 2011

Welcome back everyone!  I am sorry that I have been so scarce this summer, both on this blog and in person.  My summer has run the gamut and it hasn’t felt much like a summer.  For an explanation of what that means, go ahead and follow me after the jump.

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