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Trailer Alert: Sleepwalk with Me

July 17, 2012

I know, I know, I owe you all an update about life and where I am at and such.  Rest assured that that is coming.  For now I would like to ease back into this whole blogging thing (Really, January was the last time that I finished a post, yikes!) by showing you a trailer for one of my most anticipated films of the rest of the year.

I really enjoy Mike Birbiglia as a comedian.  His album “Two Drink Mike” has some great beats that always crack me up no matter how many times I have heard them.  With “My Secret Public Journal Live,” he really improved his ability to tell a cohesive story through his comedy.  “Sleepwalk with Me” was first a comedy album and then Birbiglia turned it into a book and now it has become a film.  I am a big fan of both the album and the book because I think they elevate his storytelling chops even a step further by tying all of his great comedy stories, some hilarious, others touching, and still others with a tinge of sadness, into a full narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.  I look forward to seeing how he visualizes all of his jokes and am already cracking a smile at some of the pieces that I see hinted at in the trailer.  Behind Looper and Skyfall (okay and The Dark Knight Rises, but that is so close!) this is probably my third most anticipated film for the rest of the year and it comes out next month.  Have a look:


Trailer Alert: Fall/Winter 2011

September 3, 2011

I haven’t written about anything for a while on this blog, which means I haven’t written about film for quite a long time.  Today I want to give you a list of all of the films that I want to see that are scheduled for release in the rest of 2011 singling out and showing you the trailers for my five most anticipated.  Follow after the jump.

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Trailer Alert: The Tree of Life and Take Me Home Tonight

February 2, 2011

The Tree of Life

I am an unabashed Terrence Malick fan.  He has made 4 films in his almost 40 year filmmaking career and I love every one of them.  I understand that not everyone has the same opinion about his films, but the slow pace, gorgeous cinematography, and brilliant use of voiceover narration just burrows its way into my soul and captivates me all throughout Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, and The New World.  Given the time it takes him to make a new film, it is safe to say that each one is a singular event to me and the fact that The Tree of Life finally has a distributor and release date is something that extremely excites me.  Not a whole lot is known about this film plot-wise and that is all for the better because Malick’s films do not thrive on plot.  Usually the plot is just a method for reaching towards emotion and character and feeling.  This trailer does a great job of communicating what is so great about his films and I hope this is something that excites you as well.



Take Me Home Tonight

This film couldn’t be further on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Tree of Life.  The raunch comedy is not something that I am a fan of, but Take Me Home Tonight excites me for a couple of other reasons despite having been on the shelf for a few years.  The first reason is that I am a Topher Grace fan.  I think he is an expressive and real actor and his work in both In Good Company and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton is more than the typical romantic comedy leading man role (part of the reason that he is the person that I would choose to play me in a movie about my life, but that is a post for another day).  Second, this film is kind of about the point in life where I see myself right now, so it’s something I am thinking about and it strikes a deep chord with me at the moment.  So though I am no big fan of movies set in the 80’s (aside from No Country for Old Men of course), I think I might be able to endure Dan Fogler as the annoying best friend for the above reasons.  Also Demetri Martin and that ending gag made me laugh out loud watching the trailer, which is saying something.



Trailer Alert: True Grit

December 2, 2010

With the start of December comes a lot of films that I am very excited to see.  From big mainstream fares like Tron Legacy and The Tourist to small films that I might have to work very hard to find on a screen in eastern Washington like Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Fighter, and Somewhere I hope that I will have a chance to make up for the fact that I didn’t visit a theatre in November (I know I can’t believe it either).  But none of the aforementioned films excite me nearly as much as the new Coen Bros. film True Grit.  I am a hard core Coen Bros. fan and believe them to be the best working filmmakers, so without knowing any details this would probably be my most anticipated film of the month.  Fortunately I do know some details like the fact that it is a remake of a pretty good John Wayne film (the only film that earned him an Oscar) and it starts Jeff Bridges in the Wayne role of Rooster Cogburn along with Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper, and a newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.  The trailers just look phenomenal and I can not wait for Wednesday the 22 to arrive.




Trailer Alert: The Walking Dead

August 25, 2010

Okay, this isn’t a trailer for a film.  Instead it is a trailer for a TV show that will be premiering on AMC on Halloween.  That’s right, the network that brought you Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Rubicon will now bring you an adaptation of a graphic novel about zombies.  That sounds so jarring at first, but I couldn’t think of a better place for The Walking Dead than on one of the most original and highly decorated basic cable channels.  I have not read the graphic novel that the series is based on nor am I a huge fan of the work of Frank Darabont.  I haven’t seen most of his filmography and I am not a big fan of The Shawshank Redemption since I think it is a pretty decent feel good movie, but it doesn’t really do anything for me.  But I will say this, the man is very meticulous about everything that he makes, making sure that all of the details and the little things have been taken care of and are all in place.  I like that kind of attention to detail from directors and I think that will serve a TV series like this very well.  I also like the idea of getting a 6 hour zombie “film” because you can enhance an intriguing premise a lot more when you have 6 hours to play with as opposed to the 2.5 hours of a film.  Long form storytelling seems to be something that the AMC development team is good at telling, so I have high hopes for this six episode mini-series.  And that final shot in the trailer is just chilling.


Trailer Alert: The Social Network

July 21, 2010

If you had asked me at the beginning of 2010 what the three films were that I was looking forward to the most in the upcoming year, I would have said Christopher Nolan’s Inception, the Coen brother’s True Grit, and David Fincher’s The Social Network (okay there is a small caveat here that if Terrance Malick’s The Tree of Life actually comes out this year, it is by far my most anticipated film).  Fincher is one of those directors whose next project is always of interest to me simply because he has shown that he takes his time and cares about his material.  The man knows how to direct and anything he does will at least be of interest to me.  Anything he does includes directing a movie with a script written by Aaron Sorkin (of The West Wing and Charlie Wilson’s War fame) about the rise of facebook starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield (the next Spiderman), Rashida Jones, Joe Mazzello (who was wonderful as Sledge in The Pacific), and Justin Timberlake.  The teaser trailers a few weeks back made this seem like a dark drama about friendship and college interactions and the first full length trailer helps to solidify that belief.  I am compelled by the images I am seeing in that trailer and the great one-liners that play with the footage are even better making this actually feel like a very real, very intense drama.  Count me as excited for what Fincher and company have in store for this film:


Trailer Alert: The American and Never Let Me Go

June 17, 2010

Since I will be gone this weekend and won’t have a chance to watch or write about today’s episode of Burn Notice for a while and since I didn’t want to leave my blog empty for over a week, I decided to post a couple trailers for you guys to check out and let me know what you think.

The American

This trailer has been out for a while and I have been meaning to post it, but it never really inspired me as much as some other trailers.  The plot is pretty basic and has been done many times before with varying degree of success.  George Clooney plays a hitman who wants out and his boss asks him to do one last job before he leaves.  What I like about the feel of this film though is that it doesn’t appear to be a comedy or a big bombastic action film like most of the other films that I can think of with this plot description.  It appears to be a somber look at the life of a man who is close to retirement who is dealing with the emotional consequences of the life that he has lead.  I think that is a pretty big and universal theme, even if the man’s job happens to be that of a hitman.  I like the look of the images in the trailer, it reminds me a bit of another great Clooney film, Michael Clayton, so I will be hoping that The American can transcend a slightly cliché premise and find something new to say about this place and time and aspect of life.  Also, I am very curious as to why this film has the title The American and I hope that the director, Anton Corbijn, has a good reason for it and can use that as a jumping off point for some of the themes of the film.

Never Let Me Go

I hadn’t heard about the book that this film is based on before I watched the trailer or about the film period, since it isn’t exactly in the wheelhouse of films that I follow through the filmmaking process.  I suppose that the genre of this film might throw some off, but my favorite genre of films is “good films” and this looks like it might fall under that heading.  The trailer takes a very minimalist approach to the premise of the film and instead puts much more emphasis on the romance portion than the sci-fi portion.  I hear that same approach is taken in the book, where the sci-fi trappings are only slowly understood as the book moves along and as the book builds the characters and the romance first and foremost.  I like that kind of a slow-build in films and think it could be really effective here at getting under my skin and making me care about these characters.  Not a whole lot of “romance” movies are on my list of films that I must watch this year, but with an intriguing premise and solid cast, Never Let Me Go, just might be the one that I am excited about.